Clinical Dermatology Open Access Journal (CDOAJ)

Volume 3 Issue 3

Mini Review
Chitosan in Dermatology
Zarrintaj P* and Saeb MR
Case Report
Case Report
Calcifying Epithelioma of Malherbe: A Rare Tumor in Unusual Location
EL Jouari O*, Senhaji G, Gouzi I, Miry A, Gallouj S, Baybay H, Hammas N and Mernissi FZ
Case Report
Deep Penetrating Nevus: A Rare Variant of Melanocytic Nevus
El Jouari O*, Senhaji G, Gallouj S, Hammas N and Mernissi FZ
Case Report
Dermoscopy of a Non-Pigmented Eccrine Poroma
Senhaji G*, El Jouari I, Gallouj S, Rimani M and Mernissi FZ
Research Article
When Psychiatric Diseases Speak Skin: About 78 Patients in a Medical Caravan
Aqil N*, Baybay H, Oulehri A, Gallouj S, Rammouz I and Mernissi FZ
Case Report
Management of Pathergy in Pyoderma Gangrenosum: A Case Report & Literature Review
Md Mydin Siddik NSF*, Lai Kuan C, Chor Lip HT, Mohd Yussof SJ and Ibrahim S
Mini Review
Genetic Variants of Vitiligo
Gokdogan Edgunlu T and Demir Pektas S
Case Report
Histoid Leprosy –A Case Report
Bachaspatimayum R*, Das P, Bhattacharjee N and Devraj Y
Review Article
New Approaches to Dermatological Conditions Employing Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapies
Nunez Naveira L, Rodriguez Garcia MI, Hermida Prieto M* and Marinas Pardo L
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