Clinical Dermatology Open Access Journal (CDOAJ)

Volume 5 Issue 1

Letter to Editor
Dermoscopy of Seborrheic Keratosis-Like Melanoma
Benkirane S*, Oukarfi S, Elloudi S, Douhi Z, BayBay H and Zahra Mernissi F
Letter to Editor
Nodules of Scalp in Infant: What is your Diagnosis
Chaoui R*, El Kadiri S, Oukarfi S, Douhi Z, Baybay H, Elloudi S and Mernissi FZ
Letter to Editor
When Trichoscopy Reveals Things to us
Oukarfi S*, Ziani J, Douhi Z, Baybay H and Mernissi FH
Case Report
Easy Diagnosis of Basal Cell Carcinoma by Demosocpie
Assenhaji I*, Bennani M, Ziani J, Douhi Z, Elloudi S, Baybay H and Mernissi FZ
Case Report
Trichoscopy in Diagnisis of Pili Anulati
Assenhaji I*, Baybay H, Sqali GH, Douhi Z, Elloudi S and Mernissi FZ
Case Report
When Trichoscopy Led to the Diagnosis of Non-Scarring Alopecia in Two Teenage Girls
Rasso A*, Baybay H, Boukhari K, Elloudi S, Douhi Z and Mernissi FZ
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