Ergonomics International Journal (EOIJ)

Volume 3 Issue 2

Research Article
Workload Analysis and Ergonomic Design of Nursing Tasks when Caring for Chronically Sick Patients
Landau K*, Weißert-Horn M, Diaz Meyer M, Jacobs M, Salmanzadeh H and Ahmadi M
Research Article
Development and Ergonomic Evaluation of a Coconut Palm Climbing Device
Agravat VV, Makavana JM, Mohnot P, Yadav R* and Gajjar PP
Research Article
Less Sugar by Default: A Nudge Methodology to Reduce Sugar Consumption in a Coffee Bar
Massimo Cesareo*, Magdalena Edyta Lopes, Annalisa Oppo, Paolina Stoyanova, Marianna Vaccaro, Mariateresa Volpe, Francesco Pozzi and Paolo Moderato
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