International Journal of Oceanography & Aquaculture (IJOAC)

Volume 7 Issue 2

Research Article
Healthy Condition of Anchoveta (Engraulis Ringens) in 2021 in the Northern Region of the Humboldt Current System
Castillo PR*, Cuadros G, Grados D, Cruz LL, Díaz E, Pozada M, Valdez C and Cornejo R
Review Article
Ecological Implications of Dam and Barrage Construction in the Indian Himalayan Region: A Comprehensive Assessment
Shilpa, Pankaj PP, Thakur K, Brar B, Kumar S, Upmanyu S, Sharma D, Mahajan D and Kumar R*
Mini Review
Review Article
Gut Microbiota of Salmo trutta fario and Oncorhynchus mykiss: Implications for Fish Health and Aquaculture Management
Bhatia K, Thakur K, Sharma D, Mahajan D, Sharma AK, Brar B, Kumari H Pankaj PP and Kumar R*
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