International Journal of Oceanography & Aquaculture (IJOAC)

Volume 7 Issue 4

Research Article
Fish Carboxyl Esterase Activity as a Possible Hypoxia Biomarker
Silva ES, Zanandrea ACV, Cunha Bastos VLF, Bastos FF* and Bastos JC
Research Article
Research Article
Analysis of Molecular Genetic, Morphometric and Sexual Characteristics of the Beluga (Huso huso L., 1758) Grown in the Aquaculture of the Republic of Belarus
Slukvin AM*, Dromashko SE, Sheiko YI, Kuleshevich YaP, Balashenko NA, Barulin NV, Demyanchik VT, Demyanchik VV and Rabchuk VP
Review Article
Innovative Approaches towards Utilisation of Clams
Tanisha, Naik B, Patil P, Alim H, Pandey A and Balange A*
Research Article
Ground Water Quality Assessment for Sustainable Drinking Purpose
Jena PK*, Rahaman SM, Das Mohapatra PK and Barik DP
Research Article
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