International Journal of Transplantation & Plastic Surgery (IJTPS)

Volume 2 Issue 2

Case Report
Peripheral Facial Paralysis Sequels Treated with suspension Threads
Carrillo Rivera J*, Autran Martínez J, Flores LR, Caltenco Solis RB4, González Masso G and Gallina Amaya M, Bello Javier G, Esther Diana Carolina FC Rodriguez Daniel F, Magaña Salcedo JR and Manrique Velasco EM
Case Report
Electromyography in a Patient with Idiopathic Bruxism Treated with Occlusal Splint and Application of Botulinum Toxin- Case Report
Carrillo Rivera J*, Villagrán RA, García LS, Flores LR, González Masso JG, Inzunza EH, Aguirre SB, Juarez MJ, Caltenco Solis RB5, González López and Ferrari V
Research Article
Contribution of Pharmaceutical Interventions in the Therapeutic Monitoring of Renal Transplants under Tacrolimus: Experience of the Pharmacovigilance Service at Ehu Oran-Algeria
Boukersoul N*, Seddiki M, Fareh S, Boulerial A, Memou A, Senhadji I, Mekaouche N, Zitouni H, Djedid S, Mansouri Z, Fetati H, Belbouche N, Boudia F and Toumi H
Conceptual Paper
Mesenchymal Stem-Cells Patches Improve Burn Wound Reepithelization in a Porcine Wound Model: A Prospective, Comparative Study
González Martínez PC, Baley Spindel I, Villasenor Villalpando E*, Garzon Muvdi J, Chávez Osorio D and Márquez Espriella C
Mini Review
Small for Size Syndrome: How Small is Actually Too Small?
Subramaniam SRV*, Chidambaranathan S, Sathyanesan J and Palaniappan R
Mini Review
Proliferating Trichilemmal Cyst of the Scalp: 9 Cases and Literature Review
El Benaye J*, Sinaa M, Elkhachine Y, Sakkah A, Jakar A and Elhaouri M
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