Journal of Cosmetology (JCOS)

Volume 2 Issue 2

Research Article
Non-Surgical Neck Contouring
Mokhallalati AM, Sada R, Badran S, Zahid R, Mohammedali S, Mostafa S, Abuelgasim M, Lahham SA* and Firas Al Niaimi
Letter to Editor
Last Onset Unilateral Pansclerotic Morphea
EL Jouari O*, Zaougui A, Kassel J, Senhaji G, Elloudi S, Douhi Z, Baybay H, Farih MH and Mernissi FZ
Image Article
Dermoscopy of an Inflammatory Linear Verrucous Epidermal Nevus (ILVEN)
Senhaji G*, Jouari OE, Gallouj S and Mernissi FZ
Research Article
Special Features of Acne in Adult Women: A Prospective Study about 264 Cases
Moustaide K*, Nassiri A, Elloudi S, Baybay H and Mernissi FZ
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