Journal of Human Anatomy (JHUA)

Volume 5 Issue 1

Review Article
Applications of Medical Drones in Public Health: An Overview
Fakhar-I-Adil M, Qureshi AS*, Arshad H, Khan AA and Deeba F
Case Report
Missed Early Diagnosis of Rare Case Thoraco-Omphalopagus Conjoined Twins: Case Report
Mashala NJ*, Djemba JO, Asante BK, Woka J, Kosgei RC and Ogutu O
Research Article
The Comprehensive Morphological Criteria for the Diagnosis of Subclinical Bacterial Maternal-Fetal Infection in Offspring
Talapova PS*, SorokĐľna IV, Markovskii VD, Tovazhnianska VD, Sakal AO and Zvierieva IS
Research Article
Morphometric Evaluation of Hard Palate in Indian Male and Female Skulls
Subbaramaiah M*, Jagannatha SR, Archana R and Suhas C
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