Medical Journal of Clinical Trials & Case Studies (MJCCS)

Volume 2 Issue 6

Case Report
Eventration of Diaphragm and Edward Syndrome
Najia al H*, Attia A, Ibraheem K, Helal al M, Amal Z, Neda B and Abdarhman A
Case Report
Anaesthetic Challenges for Laparoscopic Bilateral Adrenalectomy in a Rare Case of Cushing’s Syndrome – A Case Report
Karthickraja V, Velmurugan D, Murali Magesh V, Sri Vardhani GR, Karishma Puthanpura and Rajajeyakumar M*
Review Article
Help to Intercept Hepatoma Risk--May your Liver be Smooth Please
Raghavendra Rao MV*, Kumar P, Sateesh Babu A, Sripada Pallavi T, Krishna Sowmya M, Ramanaiah CJ, Mahindra KV, Siddharth Sri Gokul K, Amin F and Sireesha Bala A
Research Article
Research Article
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