Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology Open Access (NNOA)

Volume 3 Issue 3

Review Article

Zeolites as Functional Materials for Energy Technology

Hoi-Wun LUI, Frank Leung-Yuk LAM, and Xijun HU*

Research Article

Surface Properties and Morphology of PET Treated by Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation for Food Packaging

Sant’Ana PL1*, Ribeiro JR1, da Cruz NC1, Rangel EC1, Durrant SF1, Costa Botti LM2, Rodrigues Anjos CA2, Azevedo S3, Teixeira V3, Silval CI3, Carneiro J3, Medeiros ÉA4 and de Fátima Soares NF4

Research Article
Research Article
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