Open Access Journal of Endocrinology (OAJE)

Volume 1 Issue 1

Case Report
Unusual Association of Two Germline Rearrangements in CDC73/HRPT2 Gene: Complexity of Clinical Counseling in the Age of Genomic Medicine
Coppin L, Smol T, Le Bras M, Le Caignec C, Grutzmacher C, Crepin M, Thuillier C, Cardot-Bauters C, Porchet N and Odou MF
Research Article
Spectrum of Diabetic Kidney Disease in India - A Tertiary Care Centre Experience
Kaustubh C*, Pranab KS, Arjun B, Soumik G, Krishna SGS and Nilanjan S
Research Article

Sunitinib Induced Hypocalcemia and its Potential Role in the Treatment of Refractory Hypercalcemia

Alexandraki KI*, Kaltsatou M, Chatzellis E, Karnezis J, Tsoli M, Chrysochoou M, Boutzios G and Kaltsas G

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