Otolaryngology Open Access Journal (OOAJ)

Volume 1 Issue 3

Case Report
Tracheal Myiasis: Case Report
Rupender KR*, SPS Yadav, Swati V and Ashiya G
Case Report

Glossal Abscess Secondary to a Fish Bone

Caravaca GA*, Elhendi HW and Caravaca GC

Case Report
Nasal and Laryngeal Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma: A Case Report
Tatari MM*, Abouelfadl M, Abada RL, Rouadi S, Roubal M and Mahtar M
Case Report
Cervico-Thoracic Goiter Indicating a Sternotomy: Report of One Case
OUEDRAOGO Bertin Priva*, BONKOUNGOU Gilbert, ZAGHRE Noé, BOUGMA W-P Hafid Cheik T, GYEBRE Yvette MC and OUOBAKampadilemba
Case Report
Giant Frontal Mucocele in Child: about a Case
Gyébré YMC*, Gouéta A, Sanou E, Zaghré N, Sérémé M and Ouoba K
Research Article
Therapeutic Management of Epistaxis in CHU Yalgado Ouedraogo
Gyébré YMC*, Gouéta A, Zaghré N, Sérémé M, Ouédraogo BP, Ouattara M and Ouoba K

Road Map to the Sphenoid Sinus in Trans-Nasal Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery

Abdelrahman Younes*, Waleed Rajab, Amr AElsamman and HN Lasheen

Letter to Editor
It’s not always The Airway! – Learning Points in Airway Management
L Fraser, E Sproson, A Baldock, G Jones, A Burgess and H Ismail-Koch*
Research Article
Correlation between Ultrasound Aspects, Per-Operative Macroscopic and Histopathological Aspects of Thyroid Nodules
N’gouan J Michel*, Ngouoni Chidrel, Téa Basilide, Koné Samba, Chatigre Richard, Garba I and Adjoua Pascal
Research Article

Epidemiological Clinical Profile and Management of Nasal Masses of Vascular Origin: About 10 Cases

Tahiri I*, Bouzbouz A, Zouak A, Abada R, Rouadi S, Roubal M and Mahtar M

Mini Review

The News in the Treatment of the Oral Cavity Cancers

Bouzbouz A, Tahiri I*, Zouak A, Abada R, Rouadi S, Roubal M and Mahtar M

Case Report
Schwannoma of Tongue an Unusual and Rare Entity
Shahid R*, Seema M, Junaid M and Sudhir B
Case Report

Malignant Degeneration of Oral Condyloma Acuminatum

Shilpi B, Rajeev K*, Ranjan AM and Prem S

Research Article
Chronic laryngitis in CHU Yalgado Ouedraogo: Epidemiological and Diagnostic Aspects
Gyebre YMC*, Goueta A, Bakyono KE, Zongo G, Ouedraogo BP, Sereme M and Ouoba K
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