Author Guidelines

MedWin is an International peer reviewed Publishers aimed to provide platform for exchange of innovative ideas that come out of the research work carried out either in academics or at industry. The language of Journals is English and articles will be accepted from any country provided that they are submitted in English language only. The articles should provide consolidated comprehensive information in an apparent way.

  • Authors can submit their original work and it should be in English language. That manuscript should contain unique and genuine results, data and that manuscript which are not published elsewhere. If any information obtained from various media can be provided in the manuscript only with prior permission from the owner of the source of information or data.
  • Authors should not submit the same manuscript, in same language simultaneously to more than one journal. Because that two or more journals will inadvertently undertake the effort to do complete peer review process and publish the same manuscript.
  • Authors are advised to cross check the manuscript, whether it have all the contents or not. Authors should properly cite the work if it falls under in our Journal format or not before submission of manuscript.
  • Authors should be informed to the editor in advance, if they have any potential conflict of interest.
  • If manuscript contain any human experimentation, a statement must be included confirming that the work was done in accordance with the appropriate institutional review body and carried out with the principled standards.
  • Manuscript should include a signed statement of informed consent to publish (in online) patient descriptions, photographs, and pedigrees from all persons (parents or legal guardians for minors)   who can be identified in such written descriptions, photographs, or pedigrees. Such persons should be shown the manuscript before its submission.
  • Finally, authors must be attaching cover letter in their submitted manuscript.
  • Interested authors can suggest reviewers. For Sample Template Click here

Note: There are no submission charges for manuscript submission

Corrections, Retractions and Editorial Expressions

Corrections: Authors can promptly notify the journal editor or publisher of any significant error in his/her own published work. A corrected article(PDF) will be published online.

Retraction: Authors can retract the manuscript at any stage of publication by communicating with editor through Email. We ask authors to pay 25% of the original article processing fee in case if you have received any Article ID/ Article tracking from our end. However once the article is published it requires a detailed justification for retracting the article.

Expressions of Concern: If you have any queries please submit your query to one of our editorial board members will promptly respond promptly to all the concerns.

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