Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is one of the best methods to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. It is the process of capturing carbon dioxide before it is releasing into the atmosphere for environmental control and storing it for multiple purposes like enhanced oil recovery and the manufacture of fuels, building materials, and more. The technology can capture up to 90% of CO2 released by burning fossil fuels in electricity generation and industrial processes such as steel and cement production.


Date : 27 June 2022

11AM - 1PM (EDT)
Duration: 1 Hour


Topics :

  • Fossil Fuel
  • Natural Gas
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Greenhouse gas
  • Bioenergy



Name : Florian Moellenbruck

Designation : Business Development Manager

University : Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Country : Germany

Name : Marco Ludovico Marques

Designation : Assistant Professor

University : Polytechnic Institute of Setubal

Country : Portugal

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