Contemporary Health Care Policy and Management: Challenges

Health policy can have a major impact on health and well-being, health care management encompasses the efforts involved in planning, directing, and coordinating nonclinical activities within health care systems, organizations, and networks. The right to health, equity and solidarity are values that underpin health system transformations as goals to be achieved. But these changes and transformations are linked to specific interests because, although it may not seem so, health is one more field in which hegemonic projects are confronted, either because they respond to dominant interests or because they try to rescue lost values.


Date : August 26, 2022

11AM-1 PM (EDT)
Duration: 2 Hours


Topics :

  • Health Care Policy Plans
  • Health Management Systems
  • Health Care Policy & Management Evaluation



Name : Jorge Mandl

Designation : Doctor

University : Stadtbergen Leitershofen

Country : Germany

Name : Pooja MR

Designation : Professor

University : Visvesvaraya Technological University

Country : India

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