Publication Process of Medwin Publishers

Step to Step Guide to Publication

  • Manuscript Acceptance: Authors are kindly requested to submit their manuscripts through the designated online submission system or by mail to the esteemed journal. Your adherence to this submission process ensures a streamlined and efficient handling of your work by our editorial team.
  • Peer Review Completion: Upon the conclusion of the double-blind peer-review process, typically spanning 14-21 days, authors receive comprehensive feedback from our expert Editors.
  • Editorial Decision: The editorial team precisely evaluates peer-review comments and renders a decision on the manuscript. This decision encompasses acceptance, minor revisions, major revisions, or rejection.
  • Author Notification: Our editorial process prioritizes timely decisions on manuscripts, with a commitment to keeping authors well-informed at every stage of the review process. In cases where revisions are deemed necessary, authors receive precise and constructive feedback, carefully formulated to enhance their understanding and facilitate the effective implementation of suggested improvements. This personalized approach cultivates a collaborative atmosphere, empowering authors to preciously refine their work and enhance its overall quality.

Manuscript Revisions

  • Author Revision: Authors, in response to revision requests, undertake precise adjustments to elevate their manuscripts to the pinnacle of scholarly excellence.
  • Resubmission: Revised manuscripts are seamlessly resubmitted via the respected journal correspondence email, accompanied by a detailed cover letter elucidating the nature and scope of revisions undertaken.

Final Acceptance

  • Editorial Approval: The revised manuscript undergoes a final editorial review to ensure that all suggested changes have been thoughtfully incorporated, maintaining both scientific accuracy and stylistic coherence.
  • Acceptance Decision: With the successful completion of the editorial approval, the manuscript attains final acceptance for publication.

Production Phase

  • Copyediting: The manuscript undergoes a meticulous copyediting process to enhance clarity, correct any linguistic nuances, and align with the journal's established style guidelines.
  • Proofreading: Authors are presented with proofs, enabling a final review and approval before the manuscript proceeds to the next stage of publication.

Online Publication

  • Article Typesetting: The final, approved manuscript undergoes professional typesetting, ensuring a visually coherent and aesthetically pleasing layout.
  • DOI Assignment: A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is systematically assigned to the manuscript, serving as a permanent and unique identifier for streamlined citation and referencing.[Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) will be activated upon the official release of the issue. Any modifications to the article must be submitted prior to the issue release. Once the DOI is activated, no further changes can be made.]
  • Online Publication: The finalized version of the manuscript is ceremoniously published on the respected Journal website, marking its official entrance into the scholarly domain.
  • Author Communication
  • Publication Notification: Authors receive an official notification acknowledging the successful online publication of their manuscript, affirming its availability to the global scientific community.
  • Access Information: Authors are furnished with detailed instructions on accessing their published article and disseminating it within their professional networks.


  • Indexing: The published article is systematically indexed across various indexing sites, augmenting its discoverability and impact within the academic landscape.
  • Promotion: To foster widespread recognition and impact, the journal actively engages in promotional endeavors to amplify the visibility of published articles. A captivating image on the cover photo can serve as an eye-catching element, drawing readers' attention and piquing their curiosity.
  • Archiving: The published article is preciously archived, guaranteeing sustained accessibility and preservation for posterity.


Medwin Publishers is committed to providing a streamlined and efficient publication process for authors. We typically publish articles within 30 to 45days, while the exact timeframe depending on the quality of the manuscript and the editor's response. In cases where no revisions are required, the publication process can be completed in as little as 14-21 days.

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