Clinical Radiology and Imaging Journal (CRIJ)

ISSN : 2640-2343

IF :1.1002

Current Issue - Volume 7 Issue 2

Research Article
Augmented Reality Technology Applied to Surgical Planning in Oncological Colorectal Surgery
Fernando Trebolle J*, Perez Serrano N, Yanez Benitez C, Menal Munoz P, Luesma Bartolome MJ, Cantarero Carmona I, Cros Montalban B, Cantalejo Díaz M, Blas Laina JL and Sanchez Margallo FM
Research Article
Development of Radiological Models for Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of the Stomach as a Surgical Planning Method in Revisional Bariatric Surgery
Fernando Trebolle J*, Valero Sabater M, Perez Zapata AI, Menal Munoz P, Tirado Angles G, Cantarero Carmona I, Luesma Bartolome MJ and Blas Laina JL
Case Report
Pulmonary Mucormycosis: A Case Report
Alnoury M*, Farag A, Ravindran A and Abozeed M
Research Article
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