International Journal of Surgery & Surgical Techniques (IJSST)

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International Journal of Surgery & Surgical techniques (IJSST) is specifically designed to provide researchers around the world with the most recent topics pertaining to surgical innovations. IJSST answers the complete information needs for practitioners concerned with evolution in research related to clinical surgery. The scope of this journal is to provide an international opportunity for encouraging noble discussions and thus contributing the best understanding of suturing or stapling & benefiting readers, authors by accelerating the dissemination of research information providing maximum access to sophisticated current academic and clinical information of the God finest architecture. We invite authors to submit their original research, clinical perspectives, reviews, short communications, case reports, news, proceedings, health policies etc towards publication in IJSST.

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Latest Articles

Research Article
Contextual Interference Effect in Learning of Simulated Laparoscopic Tasks
Rozovsky T, Telles-Langdon D*, Johnston S, Tailor G and Telles-Langdon S
Research Article
Liver Surgery Outcomes: Early Experience of a Highly Trained Group in a Low-Income Country
Astudillo Abad C*, Martinez Calderon P, Vintimilla Moscoso A, Ayala L and Barzallo Sanchez D
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