International Journal of Surgery & Surgical Techniques (IJSST)

ISSN :2578-482X

Current Issue - Volume 8 Issue 1

Case Report
Thyroglossal Cyst in Adolescent: Managed with Modified Sistrunk Operation
Goyal P1*, Kumawat K1, Chatterjee C2, Gupta GN3 and Chanchalani NP3
Conceptual Paper
Intractable Epilepsy and Gene Study
Mirzadeh HS, Ashrafzadeh F, Akhondian J, Karimiani EG, Toosi MB, Imannezhad S, Hashemi N, Tohidi H and Farajirad E*
Review Article
Case Report
Case Report
Depressive Disorder in Primary Hyperparathyroidism and Effects of Surgery in Elderly Patients: Case Series
Sanna A*, Buzzi G, Prando D, Targa S, Bagolini F, Mantovan B, Zuliani L and Mazza A
Case Report
Research Article
Liver Surgery Outcomes: Early Experience of a Highly Trained Group in a Low-Income Country
Astudillo Abad C*, Martinez Calderon P, Vintimilla Moscoso A, Ayala L and Barzallo Sanchez D
Research Article
Contextual Interference Effect in Learning of Simulated Laparoscopic Tasks
Rozovsky T, Telles-Langdon D*, Johnston S, Tailor G and Telles-Langdon S
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